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Summer News


Well winter continued into spring and here we are in summer and I am still working on the inner stillness. However, it's taken all this time to reach a place where I actually feel I'm achieving my goal. That in itself is quite and achievement for me as I wasn't convinced I would. Saying it is one thing, making it actually happen, another! But I have decided to put my band on hold as my energy is going back into the healing work and I have a few things brewing. Mainly my meditations are the keystone for my work and everything else is spinning out of that for now. I am holding the stillness and looking forward to what yarn will be spun as the year continues to turn. 








I did, however, play at this beautiful venue, Acton Court, but for the visit of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in 1535. Wonderful gig with wonderful acoustic and a lovely audience. One of those gigs you truly appreciate.

I will keep in touch  with more news as it comes along



Thank you to all those that checked out my full-page spread in Kindred Spirit.
It was very exciting to be featured in such a prestigious magazine.

kindred spirit featurekindred spirit feature


Find it online and it also has its own app.


If you missed the Cygnus Review  find it here: 



   Print Available

    It is now possible to buy this beautiful print

    by the artist Terry Burke.

    size A4     £15 +p&p



 The Book

Here it is at last. It's been a few years and a journey all of its own
but I am very proud that it is now available

My book can be ordered from any book shop and is in stock in many 
independent shops in the South West.

Here is a list of stockists:

White Horse Books - Marlborough
Hunting Raven Books - Frome
Inspiration - Frome
Devizes Books - Devizes
The Chalice Well Shop - Glastonbury
Gothic Image - Glastonbury

Thank you to all those who have helped it on its way and
thank you to all those who have read it, enjoyed it and reviewed it.

Love Vicki x


 Review for Journey to the Golden City

  Journey to the Golden City is a powerful personal story of one person’s lived experience of discovery of both the deeper and transcendent levels of life. With an openness, oftentimes an appropriate scepticism, and a blossoming intuitive intelligence, Vicki proceeds on her journey one step – sometimes many – at a time and connects consistently and evermore deeply with her special talent and purpose as a musician and as ‘the healer’ musician. On her way she is discovering the universal truths embedded in the astrological paradigm, as they relate to, enhance and enlighten her own individual life, and she recounts her experience with an infectious warmth and enthusiasm for the healing power of connecting with deeper understanding.

— Suzi Harvey is co-author with the late Charles Harvey of Sun Sign, Moon Sign and The Principles of Astrology. She has for many years worked as an astrological consultant, and more recently and now works as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.


    Here is the link to  the beautiful video by Howard      

  Vause on youtube. Thanks to Howard Vause for this 

   wonderful piece, such a privilege to work with him.



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