A Creative Approach to Reconciliation

with Vicki Burke

Keys to the Golden City

…a road map home.

We have reached an amazing point in time, a new window of opportunity when anything and everything is possible. Never have we, as a culture, been so lost but at the same time so ripe for change.

“When I heard the phrase ‘Art will save the world’ it made my heart sing.”

As we begin to understand how the Arts open us up to our emotions, we can begin the journey of reconciliation. Healing our inner conflict and learning to love ourselves.

The key to unlocking our hearts is remembering how to ‘play.’ Playing creatively frees up the fixed, frozen energy caused by trauma and pain.

Reconnecting with our creativity brings us back in connection with ourselves and Mother Earth.

What is your key?

Walking the seasonal cycles and being immersed in her wisdom inspired Vicki to turn her hand from musician to writing. In 2017 she published her first book and journey with song.

This year she is presenting her reconciliation play, Return to the Golden City, as an online performance. Alongside this will be inner reconciliation workshops followed by book 2, Beauty in the Beast – Facing our Collective Shadow and CD.

The Golden City – from the Book of Revelation, is not a place we will arrive at but where we can all meet in our hearts.

We cannot walk this path alone.

Join me on this journey home.

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What a deep and joyful experience the weekend was, bringing for me an even greater awareness and understanding of the astrological cycle and the magical healing and relaxation brought through your skill of marrying sound to beautiful and insightful words. Thank you for sharing the birth of this important key with us.

Lynn Glenister

Facilitator, Langport

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