Looking back over this last astrological month it has been a very full, active time on so many levels. We’ve had eclipses and some beautiful configurations in the sky and here on the ground it has felt like a rich, full time. And yes, once again as we move into the coming month everything is about to change. And so it goes. Of course, it has been different for everyone, but the need, and the invitation, to slow is being put out as a call for all.

As the winter months take us on an inward journey, this first one is fuelled by the energy of fire and a drive for knowledge and truth. Our eagerness, as this is the first month after the death of Mother Nature’s outward physical journey, often over rides our ability to stay grounded, as we are born again to a new truth, a new way of seeing the world. It is important take we care, as our fervour is ignited by our personal need for truth and often we can lose ourselves there.

This is my fear, as I watch the world leap into action, making decisions based on what seems like clear truth, we can forget that our perspective has grown very small and our fear very great. The more I search for a truth that sits comfortably in my heart, the less comfort I find. While big decisions are being made for the greater good, though the short term may seem obvious and clear to the majority, the bigger picture, wider perspective feels like it’s slipping out of grasp. If I have learned anything from my explorations here, it is that a balanced and considered approach is always beneficial.

When we shout our truth from a place of perceived superiority, we lose the ability to listen and no one can be heard above the clamour. Staying safe is what I believe we should be thinking of first and foremost, however, if we never take risks we will never move beyond the comfort of our armchair. If we bring in laws that segregate society just so that we can get back to ‘normal’ before we are ready to be back to normal, then we remain on this path of patriarchy and control that got us into this crisis (and I’m not talking about the pandemic here, but the economic, emotional and ecological crisis we all face) from the outset. We would do well to see this pandemic as part of a whole story not an isolated one. My worry is that once the fury of this pandemic burns itself out, we will find ourselves deep in the next problem, bigger issues that are lining up like dominoes. 

If we can’t learn to listen to each other and gain from each other’s perspectives with kindness and understanding we may find ourselves falling deeper and deeper into situations we no longer have any control over.  I believe, that if you find someone with opposing ideas, you would do well to open yourself to your ability to be curious, to really try to understand why they have reached their point of view rather than dismissing it out of hand. And remember that to them you will seem equally wrong, ignorant and confused. If you are meeting someone who seems extreme then you might be sitting on the other arm of that extremity. How can we learn to stop fearing each other and trust that we all have something to offer, however out there it might seem? How can we stop ourselves from immediately rising to anger at the differences we face, otherwise we will all fall down our own rabbit hole however, right it might seem?

In a few days, the sun stands still at the Winter Solstice. This gives all a chance to pause, breathe and invite the light to enter our hearts. When we all take a step towards the centre, prepare to give up some of our righteousness so that we can listen to others, we find balance in our body and our mind can start to relax rather than react, respond rather than retaliate.

As the Covid numbers start to rise again, let’s reach out in love and kindness as we move into another harsh winter of isolation and loss and hope to stay feeling connected in our hearts.