Meet Vicki

Vicki Burke has been working as a creative and a healer for over 20 years, working with sound and Reiki energy, the spoken and written word.

She began life working as a saxophonist and a music teacher until her awakening. 2000 took her on a new journey and she began to find her voice. First, she started writing songs then she took up the harp. She became a storyteller and then she healed her singing voice.

In 2008, Vicki played harp for John Wadsworth’s ‘Alchemical Journey’, a course exploring living astrology, delving into the archetypal and seasonal energy of each month through the year. Inspired by this, she created, and then recorded, a twelve-step spoken word journey with song called Keys to the Golden City – a Musical Journey Around the Cosmos.

In the following years this developed into a book which she published alongside her CD in 2017 called
Journey to the Golden City – Finding the Way Home.

In 2014 after a move to the small but engaging Somerset town of Frome, Vicki wrote a play called Return to the Golden City, inspired by the Sulha project (meaning reconciliation) which she produced as a film, a lockdown reading, during the Covid months of 2020.

She is now developing workshops in personal reconciliation work, healing our inner conflict, based on the play Return to the Golden City.

Last year saw the launch of her book, Beauty In the Beast – Facing our Collective Shadow and CD, Beauty In the Beast – a Musical Journey into the Labyrinth as the second in her trilogy. This journey into the Labyrinth offers us an opportunity to explore and face our fears asking us to deal with our inner conflict as a culture.

“In the Beauty in the Beast, Vicki Burke gives readers a front row seat on her journey of return — to a life of wholeness and heart-centered wisdom…  With original songs that are luminous and lyrical, it is clear that Vicki Burke has reclaimed her true note.” 

An insightful and inspiring read.” 

Over the past fifteen years Vicki has been working as a facilitator. Created out of the wisdom she gained from actively living her personal archetypal, seasonal journey, her healing workshops have inspired participants up and down the country to rediscover their connection with their true nature.
Her new workshop exploring our shadow as we journey into the Labyrinth is now up and running, see events page for more details.

Vicki, until 2023, also offered a monthly meditation, using the fluid and expansive energy of the harp to lead the participant into a deep guided journey to reconnect with Mother Nature and the true essence of their humanity. These are now available as recorded files.

2024 sees the beginning of a new project ‘The Field – Exploring ideas beyond right and wrong’.

See Events page for more info.


Vicki is original, genuine, motivated and a politicised writer. She is also an active and committed campaigner for causes she believes in. I respect her on numerous levels, not least for continually working to develop her skills.

I was particularly impressed with her solo album ‘Keys to the golden city’ which combined music and spoken word in a way I found compelling – quite unlike anything else I’ve heard.

In our local community of Frome, Somerset she is a respected artist. She is truly an artist of her time.

Iain Ballamy

Composer, saxophonist, Hon ARAM, Professor of Saxophone, Royal Academy of Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama