What a month we’ve had, as we’ve moved into autumn and watching the leaves fall from the trees I sense the symbolism of what this means for us and our society. I want to talk about the beauty of Mother Nature and how she displays her rich spectrum of colour from the green of the heart back to the red of the root chakra and into decay. As we are encouraged to engage with this wonderful spectacle, it is important to recognise that she is also demonstrating that as we step into life we are also learning and then preparing to die and that it is beautiful.

How can we learn to trust this process without falling into extreme fear? Although this is inevitable, sadly, I believe we are being led by fear. 

I have spent a few years now embracing the wisdom that archetypal knowledge offers and this month is probably the most powerful and most important of all the months. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld, and as a culture we are still struggling to acknowledge what is going on here. The more we ignore this truth and suppress the fear it brings up for us, the more danger we put ourselves in.

I followed COP26 as much as I could bear. Nothing surprised me. I have always understood that it was never going to be the politicians that would lead us out of our crisis; it will be a grassroots initiate, communities creating change and probably led by the children first and foremost.

How can we, as citizens, let go of our need to trust those in power and see that they are, like the Pied Piper, leading us over the cliff. When we wake up and choose to put the power back into ourselves as individuals working within our community then we can choose positive change. 

If we are truly going to do this then we need to look at ourselves from the inside out and really understand ourselves, warts and all. It is time to watch our own behaviour, our ability to be baited and rise to anger when pushed, or even when we’re not even pushed. This is important on or offline.

If we arrive at the table and have no experience of dealing with our own suppressed emotions, which includes most of us in our Western culture, then we are just going to create havoc. We don’t have a great deal of time and I feel now, more than ever, we need to sink into the murky waters that this time of year offers, with the wisdom of Mother Nature and Pluto, and engage with what we are truly feeling. 

This takes work, a willingness to slow down, it takes being quiet with ourselves and an ability to listen to our bodies and our hearts. What are we ignoring, what are the feelings and thoughts that want to come up from the depths of our being, that we spend so much of our time distracting ourselves so we don’t have to listen? However painful it might be, we can’t turn our backs to these inner voices any more.

I learned on my astrology course that it was Jesus who said something to the tune of what you allow up from the depths will save you, what you keep hidden will destroy you. Such prophetic words and I believe that this is not only true on a personally level but also now on a cultural level.

The COP26, I believe, was a cop out. While people have said this time will go down in history, I agree, but not how we would like to see it. We will look back at this date and wonder what opportunities we let slip through our hands. Are we ready to acknowledge how we are failing ourselves and our future? However, I don’t think the main event was in the auditorium. Often, just like with the Edinburgh Festival, some people are only interested in the fringe events and I believe the streets of Glasgow held a much more important gathering of people, real people wanting to unite in their hopes and dreams.

So I want to ask what are you going to do this Christmas? Is it business as usual or are you prepared to make changes that will make this Christmas a special one for all the right reasons, a time of good will and joy. You don’t have to be religious to see that spending lots of money does not make a good Christmas. We would do well to engage in simplicity and a gentle way of walking on this earth if we want to enjoy many more Christmases in the future,

That is my wish for us all and I can only hope that you will agree.

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