I see our culture as it journeyed through the centuries and how at each juncture we have chosen the route of fear most of the time (the post war creation of the welfare state was one of a few exceptions) and until we break out of this cycle our decisions are going to remain based on keeping everything close to our skin, holding only those near to us as important. The more we fear life the more we want to protect just those in our tight family circle (a family circle can be whoever we feel most bound to, at home, work or play) and see everyone else as dangerous. This means as our view becomes more and more imbalanced and dysfunctional, we create an over exaggerated idea of our own self-importance.

We are seeing this today with our soon to be ex-Prime Minister clinging on for dear life to his status and delusional belief in his self-importance. The mirrors are all around him, whether he is seen to be behaving like Trump or even beginning to mirror his adversary, Putin. who has seemed to become his single focus. Once again, going back to the concentric circle imagery, he seems to be capable of only reaching into the first of the circles, where he finds only himself and his main opponent, who is, of course, also, himself. This inner conflict is something we all have to battle with, but only the few get to turn these into real war-games.

If it wasn’t so important for our country’s welfare it would be a beautiful play. However, if we can see it for what it is we might take the metaphor to understand ourselves a little better, for he is only mirroring this painful state of being in us all, and choose to grow from it.

It is my belief that we can only step into the next important stage in our journey as humanity when we can include everyone in our circle, when we expand our love into the most outer of our concentric circles. Then we can also make the shift together without pain or fear. That is my vision; maybe it’s yours too?

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