Monthly Harp Led Meditations

This month’s enquiry is exploring the archetype of Cancer.

Tuesday 29th June 2021
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This month as we explore the Cancer Archetype we dip our toes into the first of the water signs, representing our emotions. This is the Summer Solstice when the sun is at the highest point in the sky and our gardens are beginning to bear fruit and is called ‘sweet spot’ in the zodiac journey.

Here we come home to our hearts – after journeying to our heads in gemini – and begin to learn to nurture ourselves emotionally. Symbolised by the crab we turn inwards and look to our heritage, our roots, and discover our wealth through that which is passed down to us. As we become protective and caring of our family, past and present, we begin to develop our deep feminine wisdom that opens us up through our felt senses to this connection.

Join me as we grow this awareness through our emotions and body wisdom and develop a language and connection beyond our physical selves.

Much love 

Vicki xx

‘Weaving together melodic Joni Mitchell-style folk, pop and jazz Sutura’s music has an ethereal beauty. Vicki not only writes the songs but gives the music an unworldly nature with her Celtic Harp and additional solos on saxophone and flute.’

The Bristol Evening Post

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