Monthly Harp Led Meditations

This month’s enquiry is exploring the archetype of Scorpio.

Tuesday 26th October
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Exploring the Scorpio Archetype

This month we will delving into our personal and collective shadow. 

As the leaves that have fallen are lying rotting on the ground, we experience Mother Nature’s life cycle in all her glory. We are shown the life and the death and we are invited to see it all for what it is.

Scorpio takes us on a journey into the underworld to ask us if we are ready to look at the aspects of life that we fear. This is the only way we can truly grow and love all of life, including death and the difficulties that life brings. 

As we face a collective crisis on all levels we are being asked to grow together by not turning away from things that feel overwhelming or too frightening.

Join me as we help each other look to the truth and what we are here to do.

Many thanks 

Vicki x

‘Weaving together melodic Joni Mitchell-style folk, pop and jazz Sutura’s music has an ethereal beauty. Vicki not only writes the songs but gives the music an unworldly nature with her Celtic Harp and additional solos on saxophone and flute.’

The Bristol Evening Post

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