Monthly Harp Led Meditations

This month’s enquiry is exploring the archetype of Libra.

Wednesday 29th September 2021
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Exploring the Libra Archetype

Here we are at the end of summer, and autumn is here. We are at the half way point of our journey and everything here is about balance and harmony and finding the beauty in this.

After the ‘me me me’ of childhood we now arrive in our hearts and look to the beginning of our journey. We are able to see ourselves for the first time in the mirror, in the opposition of Aries.

Now we can look in that mirror, at the other, the lover, and say ‘ah you’.

This emotional maturity enables us to see that everything we bring into our lives is a mirror of ourselves. It’s like being a magician, and when we learn to turn the trick well, we can learn to find balance and harmony with what we create for ourselves within and without.

Join me for this exploration into our hearts to find the compassion we need for ourselves and others.

Many thanks
Vicki x

‘Weaving together melodic Joni Mitchell-style folk, pop and jazz Sutura’s music has an ethereal beauty. Vicki not only writes the songs but gives the music an unworldly nature with her Celtic Harp and additional solos on saxophone and flute.’

The Bristol Evening Post

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