Monthly Harp Led Meditations

This month’s enquiry is exploring the archetype of Sagittarius.

Tuesday 23rd November
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Exploring the Sagittarius Archetype

This month we have come to the end of our physical life journey. At Samhain we connected with our ancestors and peeked behind the veil so that we could no longer be frightened of death so we could take that step without fear.

Now, as we see Mother Nature taking the seeds of her growth back into her fiery belly for next year’s spring growth, we ourselves are also reborn, as the seed in our mother’s belly.

However, now we have travelled beyond the physical plane, we also see these months every year throughout our life experience and are invited to go into hibernation, seek the inner journey and find our truth.

Sagittarius is all about the quest, the desire to discover why we are here and what our purpose is, to find our voice.
Join me as we take that step and start our inner quest for truth.

Many thanks 

Vicki x

‘Weaving together melodic Joni Mitchell-style folk, pop and jazz Sutura’s music has an ethereal beauty. Vicki not only writes the songs but gives the music an unworldly nature with her Celtic Harp and additional solos on saxophone and flute.’

The Bristol Evening Post

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