Being involved in the Oxygen for India Campaign was wonderful. It was an honour to be asked to play amongst such a small cast of very amazing musicians. I was very happy to see Gomo Tulku was hosting it and I hope it raised awareness of the situation in India at the moment as well as a considerable sum.
If you missed it, you can still go to the website, watch the film and donate to the cause. Do take a look if you can.

Please visit the website


Return to the Golden City was written in 2014 and produced as an online lockdown reading in 2020.

Set almost entirely in the refectory of a public centre in Israel, two couples meet – one Israeli, one Palestinian – at a Reconciliation Conference. Each couple has one willing participant and one conflicted participant. Through the process of ‘Sulha’ (meaning reconciliation), peace may be attained by the offering and accepting of three cups of coffee.

In 2020, when Vicki attended a Conflict Transformation Summit during the Covid lockdowns, an open invitation was offered to all participants. She was able to present her play, with the new online platform available, as an impromptu reading with four willing participants from around the world, Encouraged by those who saw it, Vicki spent the rest of the year filming this production as an online lockdown reading and creating an accompanying reconciliation workshop.

Vicki originally wrote the play after deciding to join the Frome Friends of Palestine to find her own reconciliation as a Jew. Throughout the summer of 2014 a whole sequence of events brought about the inspiration for this play which began as she awoke with scenes playing out in her mind. The next ten days Vicki sat and wrote the play as a continuous stream of consciousness. She soon realised that a song, ‘Sulha’ she had written ten years previously would also become the structure for this play.

Return to the Golden City:  A Lockdown Reading

Online viewing of the reconciliation play

  • This is available on a restricted site on Youtube.     Email for the details 

Return to the Golden City:  A Lockdown Reading

Live online viewing and Q&A

  • Watch this space for the next live viewing

‘Weaving together melodic Joni Mitchell-style folk, pop and jazz Sutura’s music has an ethereal beauty. Vicki not only writes the songs but gives the music an unworldly nature with her Celtic Harp and additional solos on saxophone and flute.’

The Bristol Evening Post

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