Thank you to everyone who came to my viewing of my film Return to the Golden City.
It’s been such an exciting journey, creating the film from scratch, learning about the technical aspects of putting my play online, working with my four talented actors, producing the music and then all the editing and finishing touches.
Now I am hoping to get it seen more widely and continue to develop the workshops that are growing out of what I have discovered on the way.
If you are interested in being involved in any way please get in touch or have a look at my events page to see what is going on there. 
Personally, this story has grown from an exploration into the conflict in the Middle East, to the conflict we have created here in the West which is, I believe, a result of our inner conflict. It is my belief that the stories we have grown up in our culture teach us to believe we are separate from everything in our world rather than the idea that we are all connected.