Reconciliation Workshop on Return to the Golden City

with Vicki Burke

  • Sunday June 6th
  • 2-5pm

And Another Step Further

Following on from the last gathering ‘A Step Further’ and the reconciliation workshop facilitated by Vicki Burke and Jo Berry, we’re hoping to dig a little deeper still.

Continuing the 3 step process of resolving conflicts over cups of coffee, we are going to explore our relationships between, what we perceive as, the ‘other’ faiths and our own faith (or lack of faith). Here we may gain greater insights into the stories and beliefs that have created conflicts throughout history and remain ever present today on interpersonal and intrapersonal levels. To register your place


I had the opportunity to ‘go within’ feeling I was safely supported in the process to observe & feel and honour in a completely non judgmental way where I am with certain aspects of my being and life.

Sue Parsons

Yoga Teacher and 'Calm Kids' Facilitator, Chippenham Wilts

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