Reconciliation Workshop on Return to the Golden City

 Walking the Labyrinth  – with Vicki Burke

  • Saturday 3rd September
  • Ammerdown Retreat Centre, Nr Frome UK
  • 10-4pm
  • £55

This one day workshop offers a deep dive into the powerful divination process of walking a labyrinth.
You will be invited to open your heart, the key to finding your way home; a return to love.

The day will include discussion, personal exploration, working together to process some personal and collective stories that no longer serve us, meditation accompanied by the beautiful sound vibrations of the harp and, of course, a journey into the labyrinth. Ammerdown has its own labyrinth within the beautiful gardens.

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This Workshop is Available in August

I am also holding this workshop in Frome, address given on booking.

It will be held in a small gathering, no more than 4 people, in a safe, gentle environment.

If you are interested in attending this workshop in August I am offering it at a discounted rate of £33 per person if you are a group of 2,3 or 4. I am open to dates.

Do get in touch if you wish to join me for this personal exploration.
To register your place email: 

Please bring blankets, slippers and a notebook and anything else you would like to have with you.
I am also asking that you bring a shared lunch.


Reconciliation Film and Workshop on the Return to the Golden City

with Vicki Burke 

  • dates to be confirmed, 2022
  • 2-6pm
  • £20

    This workshop will start with a brief introduction to the story behind the play 
    Return to the Golden City and the viewing of the film on Youtube.

Continuing the 3 step process of resolving conflicts over cups of coffee, we are going to explore our relationships between, what we perceive as, the ‘other’ faiths and our own faith (or lack of faith). Here we may gain greater insights into the stories and beliefs that have created conflicts throughout history and remain ever present today on interpersonal and intrapersonal levels. Visit here to register your place

Inner Child Retrieval Testimonial

Hearing Vicki’s voice and her harp made me cry for the first time in my life, her harp sounds always reached to my deep place. 

Taking the journey with her guidance to find and meet my two year old self, who I kept hiding from for more than fifty years, helped my healing and growing process. 
Vicki’s work is very powerful and gentle at the same time, connecting and collaborating with Mother Earth’s Love.
Akiko Frid

Activist/Co-ordinator/Networker, Sweden

I had the opportunity to ‘go within’ feeling I was safely supported in the process to observe & feel and honour in a completely non judgmental way where I am with certain aspects of my being and life.

Sue Parsons

Yoga Teacher and 'Calm Kids' Facilitator, Chippenham Wilts

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