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Beauty in the Beast – Facing our Collective Shadow

Book & CD – Is here!

Book two in this trilogy, together with the album, is now available for purchase.

Vicki’s continuing interest in the journey of humanity, her deepening understanding from her personal vantage point as a Jew on a spiritual journey, has forced her to re-evaluate our story beginning with our departure from the Garden of Eden.

The belief that the universe can be viewed as a set of Russian Dolls – worlds within worlds, cycles within cycles – Vicki continues to utilise this structure to reflect on the three Abrahamic faiths, mirroring her life story as a Jew and her seven years living in Frome.

The author shows that this dark path that we are on, living in a state of separation, disconnected from each other and from our Mother Earth, is a circular journey and that we are on our way home. Like the Alchemist, it takes the journey away from home, the Garden of Eden, to understand ourselves and discover the hero/heroine within before we can return. As she takes us on this bumpy ride through the shadow of our psyche, the imbalance that we have chosen to explore in the dominant masculine aspects of ourselves and our culture, we are invited to rediscover the divine feminine in us all and reconnect to a broader view of our universe. This includes our feelings, our intuition, and all that lies in the unknown. This may encourage us to reconnect with our G-d and a way of life that is beyond judgement and beyond fear; a return to love.

Sutura’s music is beautiful, uplifting, and full of life Your music is a gift to all of us.

Laurie DesJardins

KVMR, Nevada City

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